14 April 1995

Naish is president of Euro-farmers group

NFUpresident Sir David Naish, has been elected president of COPA, the EU farmers group.

Speaking in Brussels, Sir David set out COPAs future priorities, including promotion of non-food uses of farm produce. He stressed the importance of a long-term strategy that covered not only commodity policies but also the rural society and role of farmers.

Sir David said that he favoured a single EU currency and greater stability in the monetary system to avoid the current revaluations.

He also believed that as the GATT trade agreement begins to bite there will be a need to reassess the commodities role and the compatibility of GATT with common agricultural policy (CAP) reform.

Due to the vast price differences between the EU and eastern Europe COPA will have no option but to at least reassess CAP reform.

He also insisted that COPAs relationship with the EU co-operative organisation COGECA must be strengthened.

Sir David was elected unanimously in Brussels, and will remain the NFUs president during his two-year stint at COPA.