National Farmland Auction Monitor

23 April 1999

National Farmland Auction Monitor

CHESHIRE (132.50 acres).

New House Farm, Cuddington, Nr Malpas. Dairy farm. Lot 1: Farmhouse (4-bed), farm buildings, milk quota 56,000 litres and 21 acres. Withdrawn at £330,000. Lot 2: 33 acres and milk quota 90,000 litres withdrawn at £130,000. Lot 3: 29 acres and milk quota 79,000 litres. £140,000 (£4828/acre) Lot 4: 6.50 acres. Withdrawn from the sale. Lot 5: 25 acres and milk quota 76,000 litres. £147,000 (£5880/acre) Lot 6: 15 acre and milk quota 41,000 litres. £55,000 (£3667/acre). (Halls)

CHESHIRE (180.55 acres).

Brookhouse Farm, Whitegate, Nr Winsford. Dairy farm. Farmhouse (5-bed), a 300-cow dairy unit, land, including 100 acres eligible for area aid, in a ring fence and an option to purchase milk quota 500,000 litres. £750,000 (£4144/acre). (Wright-Manley)

DEVON (52 acres).

Collective property auction. Lot 1: Land Nr Ottery St Mary. Grade 3 pasture 14.98 acres including 2 acres of scrub. £44,000 (£2937/acre). Lot 2: Land Nr Ottery St Mary. Grade 1 and 2 arable land 3.80 acres. £13,500 (£3553/acre). Lot 3: Land at Luppitt, Nr Honiton. Grade 4 pasture with poor access and a natural water supply 33.51 acres. £45,584 (£1373/acre). (Stags)

DEVON (91.53 acres).

Higher Checkeridge Farm, Hawkchurch, Nr Axminster. Dairy farm. Lot 1: Farmhouse (4-bed) in need of modernisation, traditional farm buildings, sloping pasture and coppice 26.83 acres. £180,000. Lot 2: Pasture 12.18 acres and milk quota 30,000 litres. £38,500 (£3161/acre inc quota). Lot 3: Pasture and amenity land 24.57 acres with 60,5508 litres milk quota. Withdrawn at £71,000 inc quota and sold afterwards in the same region. Lot 4: Pasture, coppice and amenity land 27.91 acres. £42,000 (£1505/acre). (Greenslade Taylor Hunt)


Land at Brelston Green, Nr Ross on Wye. Range of modern and traditional farm buildings including a barn with potential for conversion to residential use and grade 3 arable, pasture and amenity land. £138,000 (£3031/acre). (R B & R B Williams and Russell Baldwin & Bright)

SHROPSHIRE (92.53 acres).

Collective property auction. Lot 1: Land at Baschurch, Nr Shrewsbury. Arable land 77 acres. £220,000 (£2850/acre) Lot 2: Land at Hanwood, Nr Shrewsbury. Pasture 6.30 acres. £31,500 (£5000). Lot 3: Pasture and woodland 8.97 acres. £2700 (£300/acre). (Halls)

SOMERSET (73.59 acres).

Collective property auction. Permanent pasture. Lot 1: Land at Puxton, Nr Weston-super-Mare. 27.91 acres. £64,000 (£2293/acre). Lot 2: Land at Bourton, Wick St Lawrence. 5.41 acres with mains water and milk quota 226,860 litres. £19,000 (£35123/acre). Lot 3: Land at Bourton, Wick St Lawrence. 40.27 acres. £80,000 (£1987/acre). (David James & Partners)

WEST YORKSHIRE (20 acres).

Land at Brightholmlee, Wharncliffe Side, Nr Sheffield. Grassland. Lot 1: 9.70 acres. £18,000 (£1855/acre). Lot 2: 10.30acres. £38,500 (£3787/acre). (Bagshaws)


Collective property auction. Land at Castley, Nr Harrogate, Green Hammerton, Nr York and Cliffe, Nr Selby. Arable and pasture sold in five lots. £144,000 (£2717/acre). (North Yorkshire County Council)

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