Nearly a third of farmers are under low income threshold – Jim Paice

Nearly a third of farmers are living below the low income threshold, according to the Conservative Party.

Figures, revealed in a parliamentary question, showed that in 2005/06 nearly 1 in 3 farmers had an income that was 60% or less than the national average wage.

The average income for everyone in the farming industry has fallen from nearly £28,000 in 1996 to less than £14,000 in 2006 and almost 80,000 people have left the agricultural labour force

The figures also showed that farmers were much more likely to live on a low wage than all other households.

Only 21% of other employed households and 18% of self-employed were in the same position.

Jim Paice, shadow agriculture minister, said: “This is a sad indictment of 10 years of a Labour government which has brought a once proud industry to the situation where one-third of farmers live below the low-income threshold.

“This won’t be a surprise to those who have suffered but will hopefully bring home to the general public the desperate straits of the farming industry and those who produce our food.”

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