Net free list of breeding rams

6 September 2002

Net free list of breeding rams

A FREE list of breeding rams is being offered on the internet by the National Livestock Management Database (

The site is operated by Shearwell Data, the animal identification company run by farmer Richard Webber, who says: "We hope ram buyers will experience the benefits of being able to electronically search through a large catalogue of rams for exactly what they want."

Buyers can specify breed and age of ram, farm assurance and health scheme status, scrapie resistance, and which region of the country they wish to buy from.

Mr Webber is convinced there is a need for this type of service, despite ram sales resuming throughout the country this year.

"I accept you could ask a breed society what they have available in your area, but many purebred rams are not registered with a breed society. In any case, I dont know of a society with a catalogue of rams with a search facility accessible from your own home." &#42

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