Netherlands confirms its first BSE

28 March 1997

Netherlands confirms its first BSE

HOLLANDS first case of BSE has been confirmed in a five-year-old homebred cow.

The animal had no links at all with the UK. All 110 other cows in the herd have been slaughtered, with their heads removed and sent for investigation. Dutch scientists, in conjunction with the UKs central veterinary laboratory, are conducting the tests to see if any of the other cattle show signs. Results are expected within a fortnight.

Yolanda Oudt, agricultural attaché at the Netherlands embassy in London, said the entire country had been shocked by the first case of the disease. Farmers were now concerned that there might be more cases of BSE.

The Dutch government believed that contaminated feed was responsible. And the feed must have been imported to the Netherlands because the country had always operated high temperature rendering. &#42

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