New ADAS internet sourcing service

9 July 1999

New ADAS internet sourcing service

GROWERS can check out the cheapest source of agrochemicals with a new service on ADASs Agronomy On-Line service.

Launched at the Royal Show, growers key the product name in and the ADAS Direct Sourcing package gives the name of the cheapest supplier by region.

"Alternatively you can find out the cheapest supplier for a basket of products," said project manager Peter Griffith.

Email quotes from chemical suppliers are collected by ADAS on a weekly basis, but actual prices are not disclosed to subscribers. The Direct Sourcing service costs £1.25-£1.85/ha (50-75p/acre) and is only available as a bolt on to the £800/yr Agronomy On-Line service at present. "We may launch it as a stand alone in future," he added.

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