New blood in Canadian ranks

22 May 1998

New blood in Canadian ranks

LATEST Canadian Holstein sire evaluations see some new bloodlines at the top of the rankings, with the first son of Mark CJ Gillbrook Grand entering the top 10, and two Ronnybrook Prelude sons in at number 18 and 20.

Rudolph retains his position as number one sire on Lifetime Profitability Index for the seventh time, with £95 ITEM. The other top ranking Aerostar sons, Megabuck (£105 ITEM), Aeroline (£74 ITEM) and Storm (£96 ITEM), retain their February placings of second, fourth and fifth, respectively. Highest new entrant, at number nine, is the Grand son Shoremar James (£104 ITEM) and UK type merit 2.55.

Aerostar at number 11, remains the most successful sire of sons in the Canadian rankings, says Semex, claiming four of the top five and nine of the top 25 sires.

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