New chippers for recyclers

24 May 2002

New chippers for recyclers

TAKING advantage of the rapidly expanding green waste recycling business, Kendall Machinery unveiled a new range of chippers at SED.

Being fresh off the production line, the KT65E chipper with its hydraulically driven tracks caught the attention of most visitors at the event.

The tracks, says Kendall, enable the chipper to be driven over steep, uneven and sticky terrain using a remote control box.

Remote control also allows the operator to keep a safe distance from the machine and, should the cable from the box become disconnected, the tracks stop automatically.

Chopping power comes from an anvil armed with blades which is driven by a hydraulic motor from a 30hp Deutz diesel engine.

Kendall claims each blade, with its four reversible cutting edges can last up to a year and cost £40 to replace.

Equipped with autofeed, the intake measures 20cm x 30cm – a dimension large enough to process two 15cm wide branches at once.

Chipped material exits the machine via a chute which can be rotated through 360í and adjusted in pitch. Prices start at £18,500. &#42

Chipping on steep and uneven terrain is possible with the tracked KT65E from Kendall Machinery.

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