New farm supplies website is launched

Farmers Weekly has launched a new site, Farmers Suppliers, to help farmers source agricultural supplies and services.

The service is free to access and has a comprehensive listings of suppliers across the UK. The site is fast and easy to navigate so you can find the product or service you want quickly and without any fuss.

Five key advantages of Farmers Suppliers

  1. It’s comprehensive, listing companies offering everything from animal feeds to Wellington boots
  2. Only suppliers are returned in the search – no news articles, no other websites about the topic
  3. There are detailed descriptions for supplier products and services, company website addresses, map locations and contact details for you to get in touch
  4. The location search sorts suppliers so that the nearest one to you appears at the top of the list
  5. You can browse by industry sector, location or company name A-Z

For further information and to start searching suppliers and services near you, go to the Farmers Suppliers website.

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