New in-line bale wrap contender

26 February 1999

New in-line bale wrap contender

IN-LINE round bale wrappers are gaining in popularity among manufacturers.

The latest contender for this market is Welger which has now introduced the FG 1700 in-line bale wrapper and, for good measure, a trailed bale-wrapper and two tractor-mounted models.

The FG 1700 handles bales from 1.2m-1.5m (4ft-5ft) in diameter and is attached to the rear of the baler by a telescoping hydraulic drawbar, rather than being close coupled or chassis mounted.

In the field, when the bale is made, the operator stops and instigates the wrapping programme via an in-cab control box, to retract the drawbar and bring the wrapper up to the rear of the baler.

The bale is then ejected onto the wrapping table and the drawbar extends to put the wrapper in its operating position.

Film is applied by a double arm configuration and the bale is ejected while the next is being made, the system enabling a claimed output of up to 60 bales/hr. The list price of the FG 1700 is £13,040.

Welgers entry into the trailed wrapper sector is provided by the FG 1650H, which is hydraulically offset into the operating position and features a front loading – rather than side loading – bale arm.

This design reduces the wrappers weight due to the elimination of the counter weight required by side-loading machines. It allows bales of up to 1.5t in weight to be wrapped, maintains Welger.

Bale wrapping cycle is automatic and the wrapper will handle bales up to 1.5m in diameter. Price is £9950.

The tractor mounted FG 1250 handles 1.2m diameter bales up to 1t in weight.

Designed for front loader or linkage mounting it enables operators to wrap bales as they are being moved from the field, and stack them, with just one power unit.

Film is applied by a single arm and when two wrappers – a front and rear system – are used in combination, they are operated simultaneously off a single in-cab control box.

The heavier duty, linkage only mounted FG 1500 will wrap bales up to 1.5m in diameter and 1.5t in weight.

Prices: FG 1250 £7180; FG 1500 £7475. &#42

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