New owner to raise rates?

6 November 2001

New owner to raise rates?

By Andrew Shirley

THE new owners of say they may have to put up prices for people who use the Internet site to sell and lease out milk quota.

Midlands quota broker Carver Knowles and consultants Andersons bought the online trading platform from FOL Networks.

Tony Carver of Carver Knowles said the purchase, for an undisclosed sum, was agreed before FOL Networks went into voluntary liquidation.

This would not have influenced the price paid, Mr Carver insisted. But the price structure may have to be reviewed.

“The rates charged by FOL are unsustainable,” Mr Carver said.

“While we hope to keep them the same for lessees and buyers they may have to go up for vendors and lessors.”

Farmers can use the service to trade quota 24 hours a day. At the moment, each deal attracts a fixed fee of 50 for leasing and 100 for sales.

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