New rollers available for spring cultivation

27 March 1998

New rollers available for spring cultivation

WITH spring cultivation work gathering pace, manufacturers are responding with updates and changes to their equipment. And the latest to address the issue of firming up seed-beds are Kuhn and Flexi-Coil.

Kuhn has developed a larger diameter packer roller known as the MaxiPacker to complement the crumbler, packerflex and standard rollers, available for use on its HR power harrow range.

Designed to suit difficult soil conditions, the roller offers a different tooth pattern said to reduce the risk of blocking in heavy soils, and bulldozing in sandy soils. A 4m (13ft) wide Maxipacker roller adds £1530 to the cost of a 4m power harrow.

Built more to a price, rather than specification is Flexi-Coils latest 6.3m (20.5ft) wide roller.

Differing from previous models with a simplified frame design, the rolls can be equipped with 51cm (20in) diameter alternate Cambridge/breaker rings, plain rolls or coils. Operating weights are 3.4t, 2.6t and 2.4t respectively.

The roller also has its wheels at the rear, which results in a 2.4m (7.8ft) transport width and is said to make the machine easier to tow.

Prices start at £5000.

Simplified frame construction and transport wheels at the rear are a feature of Flexi-Coils latest roller.

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