New-season lamb returns falling

By FWi staff

SUPPLIES of new-season lamb continue to rise, but prices are easing, and already returns are down significantly on a year ago.

The unusual season has worked against producers with the late Easter break effectively putting a halt on demand from retailers, while a strong Pound has kept some export opportunities out of reach.

This weeks Monday markets saw 18,500 lambs entered, with standards (32-39kg liveweight) returning an average of 118.5p/kg, well below last years level.

Nationwide figures for GB highlighting the week ending 6 May saw 58,600 lambs achieve an SQQ of 115.3p/kg, compared with 50,700 lambs achieving 121.6p/kg a year ago.

Auctioneers had expected prices to ease, but the pace has caught many by surprise, says Bakewell-based Ian Lawton.

Further falls are inevitable, but many are hoping increased activity from major retail suppliers will help stem further cuts.

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