New suspension breakthrough…

20 November 1998

New suspension breakthrough…

By Andy Collings

CAB suspension, front axle suspension – Same Rubin tractors can now be fitted with them both. Seen for the first time at Italys Eima show last week, it is a combination claimed to improve operator comfort, both in the field and on the road.

A pneumatic system is employed for the cabs suspension and is designed to be self levelling – electronic sensors maintain the correct height of the cab, irrespective of the amount of weight placed on it.

In operation, the front of the cab provides a pivot point while the rear is supported by a suspension system which allows it to move about 10cm (4in) above and below its regulated position.

To prevent lateral movement, the system also includes an anti-roll bar.

At the front of the tractor a hydraulic suspension unit employing two rams is used. Automatically deactivated when the brakes are applied, the system is claimed to be particularly effective when travelling at high speeds on the road. Same is at pains to point out that its front suspension does not change the steering angle or affect the transversal oscillation angle of the axle.

* A full report of the Eima show, with all its new developments will be in next weeks issue.

Eima debut for Sames front and rear suspension system employed by the Rubin tractor. Air is used for the cabs self-levelling suspension system and hydraulic for the front.

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