New system takes off to new heights

23 November 2001

New system takes off to new heights

COMBINE harvester management is claimed to have been lifted to new heights by John Deere, following the introduction of the companys HarveSTSmart system.

Intended for use with the new John Deere STS flagship combine, the system merges four key components of combine controls.

At the cutting table, efficiency is enhanced through use of the new John Deere Field Navigation – an automatic steering system which is designed to ensure the header follows the cutting edge.

Two sensor options will be available – the StarFire DGPS receiver or an infrared sensor, both of which are capable of detecting both ends of the cutting platform.

The second component is one which detects damaged grain by means of an UV fluorescence sensor which is installed on the clean grain elevator. Information regarding the amount of grain damage enables the combine adjustments to be set accordingly.

A throughput control system which employs a series of sensors at key points throughout the combine automatically adjust the machines speed in respect of field conditions and records the settings for future operations.

All the information gleaned from the grain damage control and throughput settings are then processed by a computer to calculate the optimal settings for the threshing and separation components once the desired limits of grain losses and damage have been entered. &#42

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