New tech from cutting edge steals show…

15 March 2002

New tech from cutting edge steals show…

Last weeks Precision Farming 2002 event, held at the

Newark showground, provided companies with an

opportunity to exhibit their latest technological

developments. Andy Moore reports

THIS years Precision Farming event placed even greater emphasis on the use of cutting edge technology to enable producers to maximise their returns.

From sophisticated DGPS yield/soiling mapping systems to state-of-the-art computer software, the event presented a number of hi-tech innovations.

But while most of the 25 exhibitors were at pains to point how their systems can boost farming efficiency, most admit the uptake for such technology in the UK is evolving at a slow pace.

One company aiming to instill greater interest in technological aids is Farm Works – the latest business to distribute a DGPS tractor guidance system.

Imported from American firm Outback Guidance, the system comprises a single in-cab box which receives DGPS signals from an external antenna.

A series of red and green LED lights illuminate to show steering error, while amber LEDs indicate the tractor is being driven on course.

"The system can achieve a steering accuracy of +/-7cm, and can be set in a Contour mode to allow the tractor to follow irregular shaped fields," explains Vincent Demsey of Farm Works. "It can also memorise a point in a field where the driver stopped work, enabling it to be resumed at exactly the same location."

Price of the system which Farm Works says can also be used to help steer combines and sprayers is from £2950.

Vincent Demsey: "The Outback Guidance system is designed to enable a steering accuracy of +/-7cm."

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