New triazole set to revolutionise cereal growing?

2 April 1999

New triazole set to revolutionise cereal growing?

By Charles Abel

ONE active ingredient, two distinct uses set to revolutionise cereal growing.

That is the bold claim manufacturer AgrEvo is making for its new fungicide fluquinconazole.

Foliar products Folio and Flamenco are on the market already and a seed treatment jockeying for autumn approval is claimed to control take-all, seed-borne diseases and foliar diseases right into the spring.

All the new products are based on the novel triazole fluquinconazole.

Foliar control lasts strikingly longer than alternatives, says UK cereal products manager, Adrian Cottey. "Until now Septoria tritici control lasted four to five weeks at most. We can comfortably claim eight weeks and even 10."

That could transform fungicide timings. "No longer is there a risk of T1 sprays running out of steam before flag leaf. We are helping bridge the gap," says Mr Cottey.

For Septoria tritici control straight fluquinconazole (Flamenco) outpaces Folicur (tebuconazole) and when formulated with prochloraz as Folio it even beats Opus for curative activity, says Mr Cottey. "It is the most curative Septoria fungicide ever," he claims.

Unlike other triazoles the new product also offers good mildew control, removing the need for a specific mildewicide. In trials it gave 87% control against 68% from Opus Team (epoxiconazole + fenpropimorph).

Folios prochloraz means its eyespot control matches Sportak Delta (cyproconazole + prochloraz) and Unix (cyprodinil), Mr Cottey adds.

Provided sprays go on before symptoms show yellow rust control matches Landmark (kresoxim-methyl + epoxiconazole).

Novel partner

But fluquinconazole alone is not enough to achieve those results. Key to its success is a novel formulation partner, Maximiser, which boosts plant uptake and optimises activity, says product manager, Patrick Vernie.

A spin-off is that Maximiser also boosts strobilurin activity. Full, half and quarter rates of azoxystrobin plus Maximiser all gave 100% mildew control, compared with 75, 20 and 8% control without.

Given the extra benefits on offer Folio and Flamenco will trade at a premium over Opus, AgrEvo says.


Folio + Flamenco

&#8226 8-10 weeks protection.

&#8226 S trit kickback beats Opus.

&#8226 Good on mildew.

&#8226 Helps bridge T1-T2 gap.

Seed treatment

&#8226 Good on seed-borne disease.

&#8226 9-11% extra yield from take-all control.

&#8226 Foliar disease control to T1 and beyond.

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