New UFU marketer to push pigmeat

25 June 2001

New UFU marketer to push pigmeat

By FWi staff

NORTHERN Ireland farmers representatives have appointed an official specifically to promote locally-produced pork and bacon.

The Ulster Farmers Union have given pork and bacon forum marketing co-ordinator Keith Smyton a wide remit to raise the profile of Ulster pigmeat.

Responsibilities include education, such as producing a CD-ROM for schools, a website, as well as general promotional and advertising activities.

Mr Smyton is a chartered marketer and has an HND in agriculture with experience in managing local pig farms.

Until recently he has been working in Kent for Pfizer Animal Health as an assistant product manager.

UK pig farmers have been hit by an increasing quantity of pigmeat imports, encouraged by the strong pound and often lower costs of production abroad.

Northern Ireland pig producers suffered a blow last year with the closure of Malton Foods pig processing plant in Enniskillen, due to sector over-capacity.

Before a slight upswing last year, Northern Ireland farmers had seen incomes drop by 80% in five years.


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