New weekly weather bulletin for Welsh farmers from S4C

Welsh television channel S4C is expanding its Tywydd weather service to include a seven-day bulletin specifically for farmers and workers in the agricultural industry.

The two-minute bulletin will be broadcast following S4C’s weekly countryside and farming programme Ffermio every Monday night, starting on 3 September at 8.25pm when the series returns following a summer break.

The new service will include forecasts for the coming week with consideration given to the work of farmers at that time of year, for example lambing in the spring and harvesting silage in the summer.

It will also focus on events in the agricultural calendar including markets and shows.

Viewers can already follow a blog on the Tywydd S4C website where three farmers share their day-to-day experiences on the farm.

“As someone who was brought up on a farm I’m well aware of how crucial the weather is to the work of the farmer.”
Mari Grug, S4C Tywydd weather service presenter

The weekly bulletin is the latest addition to Tywydd S4C’s weather provision which already includes regular bulletins on the screen; a comprehensive website with details up to 1 kilometre, and the S4C Tywydd app for Apple and Android devices.

Mari Grug, an S4C Tywydd weather service presenter, said: “As someone who was brought up on a farm I’m well aware of how crucial the weather is to the work of the farmer.

“Since the new Tywydd S4C bulletin will be provided early in the week, I hope it will become a very beneficial resource for Welsh farmers as they go about preparing their schedule from day to day and week to week.”

The new weather bulletin has been added to the schedule in response to calls from viewers asking for a seven-day forecast.

Gwawr Martha Lloyd, S4C programme commissioner, said: “We are pleased to introduce this service to our schedule in response to calls from our viewers who live and work in the countryside.”

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