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02 June 1998

  • News in brief

  • News in brief
    • SA farms could take law into their own hands over squatters

      A NEW South African Bill giving squatters new rights has infuriated private landowners and farmers. The Prevention of Illegal Evictions from the Unlawful Occupation of Land Bill makes squatter invasions almost impossible to stop on private land. It is feared farmers could take the law into their own hands.

      • The Times 02/06/98 page 14

    • Indian agriculture wins in Budget

      AGRICULTURE is expected to be one of the beneficiaries of a high-spending and protectionist Budget announced in India yesterday (1 June).

      • Financial Times 02/06/98 page 4, page 17 (Editorial comment)

    • Venezuela looks forward to coffee lift

      FONCAF, Venezuelas state coffee fund, hopes to recover some of the estimated 320,000ha (790,709 acres) of abandoned coffee plantations. The countrys coffee exports are recovering from a dramatic slump.

      • Financial Times 02/06/98 page 26

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