NFU blows cold on farmers London march

30 October 1998

NFU blows cold on farmers’ London march

By FWi staff

THE National Farmers Union has refused to support a march through central London organised by grassroots farmers to highlight the crisis in agriculture.

An NFU spokesman said it was not convinced that the 18 November demonstration would be worthwhile, especially as the Government was currently considering an aid package for farmers.

“We consulted our county chairmen on this and, while we will keep the situation under review, at this stage we dont believe a lobby would be in the best interests of the industry,” said the spokesman.

March organisers March organisers
(l to r) Robert Davies, Andrew Thomas, David Sadler, Rhys Parry and John Powell failed to secure NFU support

The march was planned by a group of Welsh farmers who claim a groundswell of support for the rally in Wales and the West Country.

But they were given a less enthusiastic welcome at the NFU. “I think the union is a bit scared of us and what we are trying to do,” said John Powell, a farmer from Bwllch, Powys.

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