NFU brands NCC report as alarmist

12 March 1998

NFU brands NCC report as ‘alarmist’

THE National Farmers Union (NFU) dismissed the National Consumer Councils (NCC) report published yesterday on intensive farming as “alarmist”.

The NCC said intensive farming posed a serious and growing risk to consumers with over-use of antibiotics and pesticides which threatened health.

It blamed the European Unions common agricultural policy (CAP) for encouraging intensive farming. It demanded reform.

The report identified five areas of concern: hormones, antibiotics,
pesticides, nitrates and genetic modification.

But the NFU said the report had linked a number of unrelated food safety
issues. It said there was no evidence of antibiotic resistance being transferred from animals to humans and the problem was just as likely to be doctors over-prescribing antibiotics to their patients.

  • The Guardian 12/03/98 page 6

(see Report denounced as ‘scaremongering’ by farmer leaders).

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