NFU:Haddock not to stand

16 January 1998

NFU:Haddock not to stand

DEVON NFU vice-chairman Richard Haddock has decided not to stand for the NFU deputy presidency, despite widespread grass roots support.

He told a special Devon NFU meeting on Wednesday morning, called to consider putting his name forward for the office, that he felt forcing union council, meeting in London on Wednesday afternoon, to make a decision on a late nomination would be divisive at a time when unity was essential.

He also felt he could best continue to fight for grass roots concerns if he was not part of the NFUs top team. And, in any case, the widespread support he had received had already served to warn current and prospective NFU leaders that the grassroots could not and would not be ignored.

"A warning shot has been fired signalling our determination to fight and fight again until we win justice for this industry from Europe, from our own government, and from the supermarkets and caterers," he said.

"If the leaders of the NFU do not take heed, if they do not take the action the membership is demanding, then they will have me – and no doubt many others – to reckon with at council," he said.

Mr Haddock joins council as the new south-west delegate from February, and he will sit on the national livestock committee.

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