NFU plans to strengthen rural lobby

20 March 1998

NFU plans to strengthen rural lobby

THE National Farmers Union is to develop its “Keep Britain Farming” concept as part of a drive to get through the next few years and achieve a sensible, sustainable system of agriculture.

President Ben Gill told members of the unions council the first sign of this would be next weeks lobby of European MPs in Brussels, followed by a British Breakfast Special event on national television on 2 April.

He said full resumption of beef exports was a priority, but the whole farming and horticulture sector faced major problems ranging from plummeting milk prices to opposition to biotechnology and public access.

Robin Pooley, chairman of the NFUs corporate affairs committee, criticised Malcolm Walker, the chairman of the Iceland food retail chain, who is banning products with genetically modified ingredients in own label.

  • The Scotsman 20/03/98 page 30

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