NFU says yes to beef national envelope

12 June 1998

NFU says yes to beef ‘national envelope’

A NATIONAL envelope of support for beef is among the Agenda 2000 proposals the NFU agrees with.

The union claims it would allow maximum payment of suckler cow premium and the remaining money to be targeted on animals which did not receive compensation for cuts in intervention support, like heifers and steers over the 90-head beef special premium scheme limit.

The newly-formed National Beef Association supports a national envelope so a maximum suckler cow premium top-up of about £37 can be released.

It also wants the second BSPS payment brought forward from 22 to 16 months to stop finishers holding back cattle from their natural finishing age to receive the second subsidy.

But the Scottish NFU does not agree. It fears any renationalisation would create market distortions and threaten traditional Scottish beef production.

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