NFU to launch campaign to show farming’s importance

The contribution made by farming to society will be highlighted in a NFU campaign this summer.

Due to start in May, the campaign will target consumers in a bid to reinforce and build loyalty to British produce and encourage support for the industry.

NFU communications director Martin Haworth explained the reasoning behind the campaign during an NFU Council meeting at Leamington Spa on Tuesday (24 January).

It would build on the success of Why Farming Matters – one of the NFU’s most effective initiatives, Mr Haworth told council delegates.

The Why Farming Matters initiative had encompassed a whole range of farming aspects under a wider banner to highlight the importance of agriculture to opinion formers.

But after five years it was time to focus a campaign on consumers. The new campaign would reinforce the value of farming provides to society.

“We are ready to launch a new campaign,” said Mr Haworth. “Unlike Why Farming Matters, the main target audience will be more consumer than opinion formers.

“What we are looking to do is move on from Why Farming Matters and I think we can take some credit for having established that actually farming does matter.”

The new campaign would seek to build consumer loyalty to highlight the wider benefits that farming provides, said Mr Haworth.

“It is more [about] what farming can do for the country, rather than demanding that the country do something for farming.”

Bearing in mind the economic climate, the campaign would be sensitive to non-farming sectors struggling to recover from recession.

It would be pitched to advertising agencies over the coming weeks.

As well as highlighting the quality of British food, the campaign is likely to focus on the environmental contribution made by farmers who manage the countryside.

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