NFU unveils cost-busting campaign

25 November 2000

NFU unveils cost-busting campaign

by FWi staff

THE National Farmers Union has chosen the Royal Smithfield Show as the launch pad for a new cost-busting campaign.

The campaign will attempt to put British farmers and growers on an equal footing with their Continental counterparts.

It will focus on how producers can get keener prices for tractors and farm machinery, fertilisers, pesticides, fuel and other key inputs.

NFU president Ben Gill, who will launch the campaign on Sunday (26 November) said it aimed to secure a viable future for British agriculture.

Mr Gill added: “The cost-busting campaign is part of the NFUs on-going drive to cut the input costs of production which currently hamper British farmers.

“High costs are a millstone around farmers necks.

We cannot continue trying to compete with everyone else while one hand is tied behind our backs.”

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