NFUs Gibson awarded MSc for proactive role

28 October 1999

NFUs Gibson awarded MSc for proactive role

By FWi Staff

NATIONAL Farmers Union regional director, Anthony Gibson has been cited
with an honorary degree of Master in Science at Seale-Hayne agricultural
colleges annual graduation day.

Mr Gibson was cited for his “Tireless support of agriculture and the rural
development of the region.”

“He has taken a proactive role in promoting the diversification of the rural
economy and has been instrumental in developing a range of economic, social
and environmental initiatives.”

Mr Gibson was praised for his management agreements in the Somerset levels
and the Taste of the West, the first regional food group.

The South West NFU director was one of three to receive an honary degree for
outstanding achievements and contributions in the fields in which
Seale-Hayne runs courses.

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