NFUvote reform

24 March 2000

NFUvote reform

NFU Council has approved changes to the unions voting system that will allow members to vote by post to elect future regional council representatives.

The changes were debated and promoted at the NFUs annual meeting in February but it has taken until now for the council to ratify the proposals.

The rules currently require full-time members to attend a properly convened election meeting to vote for their representatives on the council, the NFUs governing body.

The change will provide members who are unable to attend such meetings with an opportunity to vote for their local representative.

The move is in line with support for the change in democratic procedure expressed by members in the recent NFU review Meeting Members Expectations.

It also recognises the difficulties increasingly faced by many members in getting to such meetings.

NFU president Ben Gill said: "The NFU is a democratic organisation and this change shows our willingness to move forward. It is an important development in the voting system."

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