NHrejigs round baler with extra features

6 September 2002

NHrejigs round baler with extra features

LATEST round baler development from New Holland is the introduction of the variable chamber BR Series, which now replace the companys 644 and 658 models.

Retaining the main features of earlier designs, says the manufacturer, the BR740 (1.5m diameter) and the BR750 (1.8m diameter) balers are available with a choice of a 2m or 2.3m wide pick-ups, the latter designed for use in large straw windrows and heavy cuts of grass.

Feed to the bale chamber is via a new design of rotor – the SuperFeed W-configuration rotor. Three rows of tines mounted in a "W" format remove crop from the pick-up and feed it directly into the chamber.

Should a chopper unit be specified the "W" rotor feeds the crop through a bank of 15 knives, an arrangement claimed to result in an even chop quality.

Bale formation is achieved in a chamber having five rollers and six endless belts and the completed bale can be twine or net wrapped.

Net wrapping is applied using a system which is designed to lace the net on to the bale and provide an edge overlap for a firm, clean finish.

Price of the BR740 starts at £17,211 and the BR750 at £19,639. &#42

Enter New Hollands BR Series variable chamber round balers. Pick-up widths of 2m or 2.3m can be specified.

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