Nicaragua banks on agriculture exports

14 May 1998

Nicaragua banks on agriculture exports

NICARAGUA is banking on agriculture to continue its economic recovery. Production has swung upwards after it dwindled during the revolution in 1979 and the civil war in the 1980s.

Nearly 22 million kg of beef and more than 14,000 head of live cattle were exported last year. Coffee production has returned to levels not seen since the late seventies and sesame and peanuts have become important crops.

The government still sees ample potential. It has indentified 3.6m ha (8.9m acres) of viable agricultural land, of which less than 20% is under cultivation.

Farmers are being helped to improve breeding stocks and to gain access to markets.

Inter-American Development Bank loans aim to improve production quality and shore up agricultural institutions.

  • Financial Times 14/05/98 page 42

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