Nimbler loader on the market

11 April 1997

Nimbler loader on the market

PROBLEMS of working in confined areas could be eased with the latest addition to Atlas Compact Loaders line-up of equipment – the Atlas 52ES.

Key to the loaders manoeuvrability is the use of a slew frame on the front half of the articulated machine, which enables the loader to pivot through 180 degrees on top of its chassis.

In a feed passage, for example, this would mean feed could be unloaded to either side of the loader without having to perform any intensive steering operations.

Combined with 80 degrees of steering oscillation, it is possible, says Atlas, to tip a load by the machines own rear wheels – should it be required.

Fitted with a 0.8 cu/m bucket, the 52ES can load to a height of 4.02m (13ft 2in) and an operating weight of 5.5t is claimed to provide adequate stability for the loaders 3.3t load capacity.

Power for the four-wheel drive machine is provided by a Deutz four-cylinder 59hp turbocharged engine linked to a hydrostatic transmission.

Working speed range is 0-8.5kph and for road transport, speeds of up to 20kph can be attained. Traction in difficult conditions can be enhanced by engaging the machines front and rear differential locks.

Price of the Atlas 52ES, which can be supplied with a range of attachments, is listed at £35,000.

Left and right slewing for the Atlas 52ES adds a certain versatility to an already nimble machine.

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