No lack of new kit

14 January 2000

No lack of new kit

These may not be the

easiest of farming times,

but theres no lack of new

equipment coming out of

the research and

development departments

of machinery makers.

Heres a selection of

whats new from some of

the famous names who will

be at the Burgess Show

CF80 is first model in a new three-model range of combines from Case. Powered by a 300hp engine and equipped with hydrostatic transmission, it has a four-drum threshing system that provides a total concave area of 2.8sq m. Throughput is boosted by using six straw-walkers with a total separation area of 10sq m and the grain tank holds 9000 litres. Cabs are based on those used on Cases Axial-Flow combines and the curved cab and ergonomic controls are designed to boost efficiency and improve the operators life. Header widths available range from 6m (20ft) to 7.8m (26ft).

Teagles Tomahawk 8080 bedder/feeder has been upgraded to incorporate two chutes – a giraffe-necked swivel version for bedding and a standard type for feeding. Called the TC model, the machine is designed to handle two round bales up to 1.5m (5ft) diameter and any size of rectangular bale of straw or silage. It will also accept clamp silage. The swivel chute can be hydraulically rotated through 270deg, while the standard chute is designed to deliver silage into troughs or behind feed barriers.

Clever auto-steer system on Kverneland Taarup T8 in-line bale-wrapper improves the manoeuvrability, especially through gateways, of what can be a cumbersome type of machine. It also means that bales can be wrapped while the machine is cornering.

Aimed at medium and smaller-scale farmers, the Venta LC302 and LC402 pneumatic air drills from Kuhn come in 3m (10ft) and 4m (13ft) widths. A notable feature is the positioning of the drills distribution head in the hopper lid – an arrangement that allows uninterrupted access to the hopper for filling purposes. The hopper itself has a standard capacity of 700 litres, but this can be boosted to 1000 litres by adding an extension. The drill can be specified with either Suffolk or disc coulters.

Klassik II is latest diet feeder from Keenan. There are two types: the EF is a pure feed mixer, while the FP is able to chop and mix big bales as well. Both have rotating paddles set at a slight angle, an arrangement that helps move material along the mixer and is also said to cut power consumption. The chopping version has paddles with triangular-shaped blades set in the main barrel of the mixer and castellations in the paddles to allow them to push along uncut material. Once the feed is mixed, a full-length door opens in the side of the chamber to expose a horizontal auger which draws feed to an exit hatch at the front.

New and upgraded machines from the Same Deutz-Fahr stable include four new Deutz Agrotrons in the 120-165hp band. Main changes are improved cabs and more sophisticated electronics. Meanwhile Same has launched the Silver 110 and 130 (110hp and 132hp) to replace the Antares 110 and 130 and Lamborghini Premium 100 and 130 models to replace the Formula 115 and 135 models. Engines are 6 litre 6cyl watercooled units and gearboxes are 54 x 54 units, including three-step powershifts. Further up the range, the Same Titan 145, 160 and 190 and the Lamborghini Racing 150, 165 and 190 have been replaced by 160hp, 180hp and 195hp Rubin and Champion models.

Revamped Vari-Flex rolls from Opico now have a transport width of 2.46m rather than 2.96m on the previous model. This has been achieved by shortening the folding geometry and wheel track width. The rolls retain the same central 1000kg rated spring, designed to transfer excess weight from the inner to the two outer rolls. The result is said to be a more even consolidation across the rolls full working width. Options include a levelling board and selection of Cambridge, cam, crosskill or corrugated rings.

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