No Middle Way for hunt law?

23 February 2000

No Middle Way for hunt law?

A COMPROMISE deal on foxhunting has failed to convince Tony Blair, even though he was “attracted” to the proposals, reports .

This interpretation is at odds with the The Independent, which says Mr Blair is prepared to risk the wrath of Labour MPs and regulate rather then ban hunting.

According to the Telegraph Downing Street says the Prime Minister is keen to await the Burns inquiry on hunting and did not wish to prejudice its findings.

Conservative MP Peter Luff – who co-chairs the Middle Way group – had suggested Mr Blair was attracted to the idea of a new independent hunting authority.

The Middle Way group advocate an authority to police the sport, licensing hunts, and with the power to ban hunts or followers if they broke a code of conduct.

Meanwhile, Ken Livingstone, defeated in Labours contest for a candidate to run for London mayor, on Tuesday (22 February) protested against the hare-coursing Waterloo Cup in Ormskirk in Lancashire.

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