No move for ATVs in hot top 10

16 January 1998

No move for ATVs in hot top 10

By Jeremy Hunt

THE NFU expects insurance claims concerning farm thefts during 1997 to change little from the record high of the previous year when £100m worth of goods were stolen.

On this scale, it is perhaps not surprising to hear Richard Miles, the NFU Mutuals risk surveyor, comment that simple but effective crime prevention measures are still lacking on many farms.

"Many farm buildings are still not locked even though they contain valuable items. This is a fundamental step in crime prevention that many farms continue to ignore," he says.

He is concerned that security lighting systems be fully appraised and expert guidance sought before installation. "Unless lighting is properly sited it can often end up helping instead of hindering the night-time criminal."

The NFU Mutuals "top 10" of stolen items from farms looks unlikely to show any change when 1997 details are issued. Electric drills, chain saws, welders, gates, electric fencer units, tractor batteries, socket sets, saddles and riding tack, ATVs and angle grinders make up the list.

"ATVs are still prime targets for thieves. We urge farmers to use a method of securing these bikes to either the wall, or the floor of a building when not in use. Electronic data tags offer an increased chance of recovery."

The NFU Mutual is offering discounts on ATV premiums when security measures are in place. During 1996 vehicle theft accounted for £61.7m of the rural crime bill. Livestock rustling continues to be a problem. In 1996 72,000 sheep, 3400 cattle and 14,300 pigs were stolen.

&#8226 For an update of the latest farm security systems see the Security Special in farmers weeklys isssue of Jan 30.

ATVs are still prime targets for thieves… we urge farmers to use a method of securing them.

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