None but the best spuds moving quickly

By FWi staff

DEMAND for potatoes is slow and prices continue to slide, except for best-quality material.

Confusion also reigns in the market as dealers appear to be standing back waiting for a clearer picture to emerge for the week ahead, noted the British Potato Council in its weekly report.

“Growers report buyers are difficult to find as buyers report orders are under pressure.”

Bulk grade 1 material is trading between 50-80/t, with top Estima at 85-100/t.

However, grade 2 supplies are starting from 20-25/t, with the majority between 35-45/t.

Peelers are at 10-15/t, with bagged Piper leading the sector, starting at 25-35/t. Most is selling between 40-60/t, with top material at 80/t.

Processing spot for chipping start from 15/t, with most between 20-35/t. Top supplies are at 40/t.

The BPC weekly GB ex-farm average inched up 24p to 62.23/t on the back of firmer top packing material.

But this is still a long way off the previous seasons performance, when the market averaged 187.54/t in 1999.

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