Not every crop to need new product

13 August 1999

Not every crop to need new product

NOT all crops warrant Latitude treatment.

To ensure good targeting growers will need to assess risk, ideally before harvesting the previous crop, says Latitude technology leader, Robert Beale.

But simply counting whiteheads is not enough. Eyespot, fusarium and stem boring insects can cause them too, he notes.

Growers will need to pull clumps of plants, then wash and inspect them for blackened, disease-damaged roots, ideally at flowering. Zero or low risk crops should not be targeted.

Take-all risk assessment

Check previous cropping to establish a risk profile. A = wheat or barley, B = rye, oats, triticale, grass, set-aside, C = broad-leaved break..

2 years ago Previous crop Risk Ave yield response t/ha

B/A A High 1.0

C A Moderate 0.48

A B Moderate 0.48

C/B B Low 0.25

A C Low 0.25

C/B C Zero Nil

NB: Yield responses based on average of 5 years work, 170 trials.

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