Not so dusty…

16 August 2002


Welding peace

SILENT by name and silent by nature, is how Harrington Generators describes its latest XJS200 welder.

Available under the Spitfire brand name, the Super-Silent unit is diesel powered to provide 200amps of DC current and 2.2kW of auxiliary power.

The engine management system includes low fuel and oil shutdown, together with electric start.

Harrington says the welder has ample power to work with 4mm low hydrogen and 5mm mild steel rods, while 230V/110V auxiliary sockets are fitted as standard.

The XLS200 welder costs from £1662 (01629-824284, web-site

Not so dusty…

AGRIEMACH has developed a range of cab air conditioner pre-cleaners and filter units which it claims can increase air filter life significantly.

The Dust Buster employs an electric motor driven fan to drive air through static spiral vanes to spin a rotor at high speeds.

The rotor spins off dust and extraneous particles via vents before contaminants can reach the air filter.

Available in three sizes to suit different maximum air flows, the Dust Buster is available in two versions.

One is a combined air pre-cleaner and filter, and the second is an air pre-cleaner for use with an existing air conditioner filter. Prices start at £100 (01342-713743

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