Nothing to keep disease out

18 April 2001

Nothing to keep disease out

A FRIEND has just returned from visiting Holland via ferry.

There were no signs of disinfectant mats at the ferry terminal at Hull.

Before disembarking in Holland, he was questioned about any products which may have had any animal connections and had to leave a box of chocolates on board.

All cars were given a cursory search and occupants questioned; there were further police random thorough
searches and disinfectant mats on the way out of the terminal.

On the return jouney the mats were still in place in Holland but, on arrival at Hull, there was no questioning or checking of any kind, no disinfectant mats, in fact the first signs of any disinfectant mat was 15 miles from home (West Cumbria).

One would have thought that with Holland into the teens of cases, MAFF(ia) and the Government would be taking all precautions to prevent any further importation.

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