Now processors slam pigmeat ads

19 May 2000

Now processors slam pigmeat ads

By Alistair Driver

MEAT processors have become the latest critics of the Meat and Livestock Commissions controversial campaign aimed at promoting British pigmeat.

Dutch and Danish producers and British supermarkets have already voiced their concern that the campaign could damage, rather than boost, sales of pork.

Criticism of the MLCs pigmeat strategy has been now expressed by delegates at the British Meat Federation Conference in London on Friday (19 May).

A hard-hitting MLC advertisement highlighting the fact that pig producers overseas are allowed to feed pigs on animal remains is due to appear next week.

The advertisement under consideration shows a sow suckling her piglets with words to the effect: “Shes feeding them. Soon she could be fed to them.”

A similar advertisement last week highlighted that imported pigmeat may come from pigs reared in stall-and-tether systems – a practice banned in the UK.

British farmers have long called for advertising to reflect the fact that UK pigs are reared under more welfare-friendly conditions than their Continental cousins

But conference delegates such as Norfolk processor Ashley Bowes said directors of big supermarkets had urged him to help stop the adverts going ahead.

Bob Bansback, MLC corporate strategy director, urged conference delegates to judge the adverts on their results which wont be known for another year.

The only way to ensure producers received a premium for their product was to ensure consumers knew British pigmeat was different from imported produce.

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