Now smaller sprayers have auto rate control

24 March 2000

Now smaller sprayers have auto rate control

DESIGNED for use on ATVs equipped with 12V sprayers, Tri-Ag latest development comprises a spray rate controller which automatically maintains selected spray application rates at varied working speeds.

The C-Dax Rate Rite controller is said to be compatible with all makes of 12V trailed and rack mounted sprayers and works in a similar way to units used on larger scale sprayers – forward speed is monitored and a computer activates flow rates to maintain application rate.

Standard features include a digital speedometer, hectare meter, operating pressure and distance meter and automatic or manual control. Supplied in kit form, complete with all necessary fittings, price of the C-Dax Rate Rite is £425.

Sprayer technology for ATVs. Tri-Ag now offers a system to automatically maintain application rates in respect of changes in forward speed.

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