of kits

1 October 1999

Equal blend

of kits

Rain did little to stop play at

this years Tillage events,

held at Horton in Gloucs and

Nettleham in Lincoln.

Andy Moore reports

DESPITE the growing trend towards minimal rather than conventional tillage systems, this years Tillage events saw an equal blend of kit designed for both schools of thought.

Heavy rain, particularly at Gloucestershire, provided an interesting challenge for cultivating machinery and created conditions when such equipment would normally have been confined to the barn.

Even so, the show went on. Quivogne took the opportunity to show off its mounted Rotormaster – an implement having the pulverising effect of a power harrow but capable of being operated at much higher forward speeds.

Resembling a power harrow, the implement smashes soil using a ground driven rotor fitted with spikes mounted at a 45deg angle.

Before the spikes, two rows of leading tines are designed to break up furrows, with finer tilth achieved through levelling boards and optional coil or packer roller.

The benefits of the Rotormaster over a power harrow, says Quivogne, are reduced operational costs and greater work rates – up to 6ha/hr (15 acres).

Intended mainly as a secondary tillage implement for work on medium to heavy land, the Rotormaster can be operated at speeds up to 15kph. Prices in 4m and 6m folding formats, are £9000 and £11,000, respectively.

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