Old-season lamb rallies 12.72p/kg

By FWi staff

OLD-SEASON lamb clung on to the shirt-tails of last weeks boom in new-season returns and prices have jumped.

Meat and Livestock Commission figures show that old-season lamb returns were up 12.72p to an average of 84.42p/kg at markets across England and Wales yesterday. More than 28,000 sheep were sold at 45 auctions.

The biggest rise was in prices at the heavier end of the scales: standard-weight old-season lambs sold for 96.05p/kg (+12.97p), medium-weights made 100.90p/kg (+15.29p), and heavy-weights made 92.26p/kg (+14.18p).

But light old-season lamb prices gained only 4.76p and remain in the doldrums at 80.25p/kg.

It remains to be seen whether old-season prices increase by a similar amount next Monday. After last weeks rise of more than 18p/kg, yesterdays overall average for new-season lamb was up by only 1.4p to 132.54p/kg.

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