One-dip only for non-OP formula

5 June 1998

One-dip only for non-OP formula

DIP sheep just once to control and protect against scab, without the need for an organo-phosphorous formulation, using Ecofleece, says manufacturer Bimeda.

The company adds that a single dip with the synthetic pyrethroid, Ecofleece, will cure an existing scab infestation and provide protection against re-infestation for four weeks.

It is also said to control and treat ticks, lice and keds, and provides protection against blowfly for eight weeks.

Ecofleece is supplied through vets and animal health retailers in one, two and five litre packs, and the recommended dilution rate is 1:500. It has a 12 day withdrawal period for meat, adds Bimeda.

Treatment costs from 35p a sheep (0800-526769, fax 0151-5491096).

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