One in 10 loads rejected last year

30 November 2001

One in 10 loads rejected last year

WITH 10% of the 2000 grain harvest rejected, mainly for moulds, mites, insects or mycotoxins, there are clearly still many misconceptions about when it is possible to dry and how to control pests, says the HGCAs Graham Jellis.

"It is certainly not true to say that you can only dry when it is dry outside the store." A common misconception is that when it is too damp to dry washing, it is too damp to dry grain, he notes.

Other mistaken beliefs the HGCA is keen to correct include:

lTreating buildings is enough to control residual pest infestations.

lCooling costs a lot, so just aim for a temerature of around 15C.

lSpoiling and pests are easily spotted.

"They are all wrong," says Prof Jellis. Advice on these and other storage issues can be found in the Grain Storage Guide, free to levy payers from the HGCA, 020-7250 3926 or via &#42

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