OP study over next 12 months – Rooker

15 May 1998

OP study over next 12 months – Rooker

A NEW review of organophosphate pesticides is to be carried out over the next 12 months, according to junior farm minister Jeff Rooker.

The review will be conducted by the Pesticides Safety Directorate and will form part of a continuing, review of pesticides covering 24 OP and carbamate pesticides, and their effect on human and animal safety.

But OP sheep-dips will not form part of the review because sheep-dip products were subject to scrutiny under separate legislation, said Mr Rooker.

Elizabeth Sigmund of the OP Information Network said this review brought the total number of studies underway to six.

She questioned whether government was trying to confuse people with the sheer number of reports and said the decision not to include sheep dips in this study or the Health and Safety Executives latest study was ridiculous. &#42

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