21 June 2002


THE International Business & Trade Centre is the focal point for the huge number of overseas visitors who are attracted to the Royal Show each year.

There are multilingual staff available to help individual visitors as well as the large number of ministerial and commercial delegations. Much of the success of the show in attracting key overseas visitors is a result of the Inward Mission scheme, where UK Government support ensures multinational and multi-sector business people visit the show.

The centre is a convenient location where UK producers and businessmen can establish contact with potential suppliers and customers from overseas.

It is also a forum where UK rural businesses and prospective international partners can obtain relevant market information. Aspects of international business and trade in agriculture, environmental protection, equine and water resources are all included in this area.

A self-contained exhibition area with a dedicated international focus, the centre also features a comprehensive programme of seminars and workshops on international trade, organised by DEFRA, in conjunction with the RASE. RASE presentations will address the following topics: Agricultural Sector Restructuring – the New Zealand experience; European Dairy Scene – what is the future; and Biotechnology Transfer, including GMOs, to Developing Countries.

Other workshops will cover the support available from DEFRA to help promote UK based businesses internationally in the agricultural, environmental and water sectors, agricultural issues of current interest and debate, briefings on the export markets of various countries and, as part of British Excellence Week, investigations into the UK meat supply chain.

Another aspect of the shows global dimension is the International Village at grid ref K13, where countries display their agricultural and economic achievements, promote their cultural and tourist attractions and display food specialities and agriculturally related products.

As part of the international activities of the show, the Global Partnerships Initiative will promote the strengths of the UKs agri-food industry at grid ref Q15 (see separate feature).

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