Oral dose iron rapidly available to pigs

25 April 1997

Oral dose iron rapidly available to pigs

IRON from an oral dose of Trans-Fer is claimed to be available to piglets almost as quickly as injections.

Net-Tex says the product prevents anaemia and raises weight gain by 40% more than injectable iron in the first 18 days of life.

The firm claims previous oral iron preparations have been expensive and unreliable, often supplied over a long period in drinking water or as oral pastes that can be spat out, and must be absorbed in the piglets digestive system.

Trans-Fer is said to be orally absorbed into the blood within four hours of dosing from 1ml placed in the piglets mouth. It costs as little as 7p a piglet, it says, and is available in a 110ml starter pack with dosing pump for 110 piglets and 500ml refill packs (01474-813999).

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