Organic cheers with gin &vodka

14 January 2000

Organic cheers with gin &vodka

THE worlds first organic gin and the UKs first organic vodka were launched at the Cirencester conference.

Juniper Green gin and Utkins UK5 vodka are made using all organic grain spirit which is of a higher quality than spirit produced from conventional wheat, claimed Chris Parker of manufacturer The Organic Spirits Company. "Organic alcohol is smoother and sweeter," he said.

Both are produced at the firms Thames distillery in Clapham, south London, and are already available in Sainsbury stores throughout the UK. Plans to export moved a step closer with approval under French organic standards granted last week.

Andrew Swallow

Grain is currently imported but more UK grain will be used as supplies become available, said Mr Parker.

Despite a 25% lower spirit yield/tonne from the organic grain, at £11.95/bottle for the gin and £10.99/bottle for the vodka the organic brands are less than £1 more than leading conventional products.

Now you can drink to the organic movement too.

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