Organic farmer to appeal in GM trial

10 July 1998

Organic farmer to appeal in GM trial

By FWi staff

AN ORGANIC farmer is to appeal against a High Court decision that upheld the legality of a nearby test site for genetically modified crops.

Guy Watson, who farms near Totnes, Devon, failed in his bid to halt the trial of GM maize on a neighbours farm.

Mr Watson had claimed that the pollen from the herbicide-resistant GM maize could contaminate his crop of organic sweetcorn and cost him up to 20,000 in lost income.

But Judge Mr Justice Jowitt ruled today (Friday) that Mr Watsons case was unarguable.

Mr Watson told the court that the GM maize could cross-pollinate his sweetcorn which would then lose its organic status. The judge rejected the argument after seed-company scientists said such an event was virtually impossible.

The appeal will be heard next Wednesday (15 July).

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